Cell PhoneParking Polemic

By: Lauren Vinciguerra

On September 22nd, the Salem city Council met with the residenets of Salem to hear their thoughts and concerns on the development of the new parking garage on North Campus...read more...

 Why You Need to Go on a Salem Night Tour

By: Lisa Danca

If you thought Salem, Massachusetts was just famous for witches, think again! In the bewitching downtown you can hunt for not only witches, but ghosts as well!.read more

 Writers’ Series: 
Todd Davis
 Steve Yarbrough 

   By:  Cayla Marks

SSU’s second Writers Series event premiered in the Metro Room of the Ellison Campus Center on Thursday, October 9th, 2014. Seventy people, give or take, eagerly awaited the creative works of poet Todd Davis and fiction novelist Steve Yarbrough.......Read more...l

  Surviving October in Salem

By:  The Strange Red Skies Staff

 Halloween is on a Friday this year -- and we’ve pulled together our best recommendations for you to have the best Halloween ever!  ....read more

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