Cell PhoneWriter & Artist SSU Grad
Lori Sinatra ‘00

By: Jane Foley

When Lori Sinatra began her college career at Salem State in 1994, she was not a typical student.  While most of her freshmen classmates were right out of high school, Lori spent the ten years between graduating from Malden High, working, performing and finding her spiritual calling...read more...

 “The Room”
At Midnight Spoons Fly

By: Joe Aubrey

In 2003, an unknown film-maker named Tommy Wiseau released a low budget film, entitled, “the Room” in Holly wood.  It told the story of an awkward man whose fiancee deceives him with his..... ....read more

An Interview with Poet and Professor Alex Peary 

   By:  Jessica Tower

SSU’s Professor Alex Peary was gracious enough to allow herself to be interviewed after her packed reading in late October.  We spoke about her newest book, Control Bird Alt Delete... ...Read more...l

Common%20with%20Flag[1].jpg Small  Surviving November

By:  The Grateful Red Skies Staff

 Again, here we are -- we’ve survived Halloween and now we have to figure out November.  Our recommendations are as follows....read more

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